Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Decorating on a Budget

Our lunch today consisted of a celebratory home made sub with a flag topper! We posed the sandwich with our most current decoration.

My daughter likes to purtify things. My husband is a carpenter and he brings home a lot of unwanted items and Margaret immediately starts thinking of ways to make them feel loved and useful again.
She has had this old window for several months now and has had a plan for it. Just this week she was able to complete it. She decoupaged (one of her favorite things to do) a poster board with pages from an old book and then added some extra pictures and draped a little bitty garland over it and tada, you have a lovely wall hanging. The fun thing is that when the mood hits she can change the poster board to another theme or old family pictures in each frame or old quilt blocks, or .....well you get the idea.

Chris has brought home more than his fair share of old unloved toilets.....and he sits them out back til they get thrown out or find a new home. Sometimes folks just need an old toilet for some reason. Right now we have THREE lovely toilets sitting out back. They are lined up in a majestic row and the one in the middle is PINK. It is as pink as a toilet can get. She has already laid claim to all three, especially the pink one, to plant flowers in next spring. I know that sounds goofy to some folks, but I just betcha she will make them look nice. I can imagine wave petunias flowing out of the openings.


  1. I love the celebratory lunch with flag! I had a party in mind as well, but couldn't quite make it work as we had a funeral visitation and a bunch of other stuff that got in the way! I also can identify with resurrecting things. I do the same. Maybe I'll have to do a post on that. Go Margaret! I have a similar window frame right now that I've waited years to get. I want Clint to hang it from the dormer ceiling in my upstairs so i can hang bunches of herbs and flowers from it to dry. It will be perfect since the air is dryer and warmer up there with a window close by for extra ventilation. I can't wait! Good post!

  2. PS: I made lots of "decoupage" or "collages" in the 70's for friends. I'd take cardboard and magazines, cut out the pictures that I liked and paste them all over the cardboard base. They were in great demand from all my 6th grade friends! I made several! This brought back memories, though yours is so much more sophisticated!

  3. I love the frame AND the sandwich! What a cute picture:)

  4. Its always good to give things a second life and it looks very nice.