Sunday, April 26, 2020

Katie's Kep Shetland Wool Week 2020

I chose to order my kit from Uradale Yarns Shetland.  It is a jumper weight out of Organic Shetland sheep wool.  Juniper Heath, Speedwell, Tormentil Heath, Speedwell Heath, and Moss colors.  Katie's Kep is designed by Wilma Malcomson-she named the hat after her mother, Katie.

Saturday, November 30, 2019

WYS Signature 4ply -Robin colorway

Chiaogoo size 0
2.13.2020 finished.  Will go to Margaret's feet.

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Brooklyn Tweed Shelter. Narwhal colorway- The Weekender Sweater

Ordered 10 skeins of Soot Shelter due to Narwhal being sold out.  
$123.75 10% off $13.75 with free shipping.
Already had 1 skein of Narwhal and ended up ordered 10 skeins of it when speaking with Harrisville Designs via phone. Soot was actually sold out too so i called to order Flannel colorway and it was out but Narwhal was actually back in stock. So that  is what I am knitting. 
Size number 5.  Tubular cast on. 127 stitches.
Needles-6 for cast on. 7 for 1x1 ribbing. 
Started in earnest 12.26.19

1 skein's worth.
Lovely wool.  Size 8 for body work. 
2 skein's worth.

12.31.19 midnight
3 skein's worth.
1.3.20 pm. 4 skeins worth.
Love this yarn.
1.10.20. 5 skeins worth.
Still on 6th skein. This is the shoulder shaping with short row prior to shoulder ribbing.
The green yarn is the lifeline before shoulder shaping.
Changing to size 7 for the ribbing.
Six skeins. Picking up and knitting to create front.

Still on 6th skein. 
Box has been made. Take care  on making ribbing the same length. 
The neck bind-off will be kitchener stitched and the shoulders needle bind-off.
(It fits well under the arms, which is KEY)

Still on 6th skein.
All ready for the sleeves!!!

Finally used the entire 6th skein. 1.22.20
The sleeves will be a tad tighter than anticipated.  But they will be comfy, nonetheless.  Next sweater. Make sure arm hole is deep enough on front and back to get the number of stitches called for to pick up fir sleeves. 

Had cast on sleeve with 7s, that's why it felt tight.
Should  have been 8s. Ripped out and redid with 8s.  This pic shows through 7
th skein.

Finished 2.12.2020.  
Love it.
Wore it to work on a very cold day.
8th skein finished the sleeve.

3.15.20. Finished a tiny  Weekender for Baby Girl.

Saturday, August 24, 2019


After realizing the first attempt was enormous,  I reknit with 80 fewer stitches. So 300 stitches on size 8 Chiaogoo needles.  I purchased the needles in Ft Collins CO.
This is my attempt at Tegna.
I switched to size 7 Knit Pro Zing for the body.
I am knitting the second size on the pattern.
Knit Picks Gloss Fingering-Blackberry (edging)
Knit Picks Gloss Fingering - Sterling (body)

 Knit for 15 inches.
Next is to divide for front and back.
11.16.19-sweater has been finished for awhile.  Haven't worn it yet.  I don't love the yarn. 😬😕
I may try it next Spring with leggins.  Imade it tunic length.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

...corriedale sliver 2 ply

This is yet to be bathed.  But it should bloom nicely when done.  Mittens, hat, scarf?  What will I make?
As far as the school colors, BFL, below.  I shall spin it as it presents itself.  It will probably be a two-ply and a hat for sure. Any left over will be put into a little scarf.

Saturday, July 19, 2014 colors

This colorway is similar to the colors of the university where I work and take classes.  I thought it would be lovely to knit a scarf or hat out of the Bloody Mouse BFL that I purchased via mail order from Susan's Fiber Shop in Wisconsin.  It's always fun to receive mail from a 'far-off' land.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

....a beautiful mess

To not keep everyone wondering what I have been up to...I must say I have been a bit busy.  In September of last year I took a full time job.  Part of the benefits of the job is free tuition for employees.  I work in higher education.  I thought it wise to take the opportunity that was presented, to further my education.  So, now I work 40 hours a week and am taking online classes for a degree in accounting.  While I have an associates degree, it isn't necessarily in accounting.  A long time work experience in bookkeeping helped me get this job.  My credits didn't transfer for the associates, so I am now getting a bona fide associates degree.  My first class started on 6.25.  Just the first week was quite an eye opener.  My it's been a long time since I really really used my noggin.  Learning the ropes of an online education was and will be quite an experience.   I still knit and I still spin, just not as freely and as often as I used to.  I think once I get the school/work/family schedule squared away everything should work out nicely.  In the meantime...I shall include my latest happiness.  M's Northman Mittens~to be finished before cold weather!
 Misti Alpaca~Chunky 
I will need a One Skein idea for this.  It is super soft.  It's 108 yards of chunky.  Got any ideas?