Saturday, October 30, 2010

Year of the Pie Recap

As some of you know I recently completed my "Year of the Pie" journey here on my blog. Today I sat and transferred pies from my old blog and now have all of my pie posts on this blog. If you click on the label on the side bar called Year of the Pie, you will be able to view all 52 pies there.
Until next time.


  1. What a neat idea to do pie posts. I just put a post on about my husband's grandma. She was the queen of pie bakers. I failed to mention that I once remember her baking 100 pies in the few days preceding Thankgiving! I use her recipes but can never imagine that much baking and I am never quite satisfied that I made a pie as good as some of hers were--especially the German Chocolate that I loved so much!

  2. for some reason, right now I am really hungry for pie :)

    The year of the pie was great! Do you have a new year theme?