Saturday, November 6, 2010

It Is What It Is

Today I put together two coconut cream pies for a charity pie-bake off.
One pie is to be judged. The other pie is to share with the crowd. There will be a pie eating contest which sounds like fun. I have never witnessed one first hand. After all of the fun they will auction pies off to raise money for local food ministries.

The pie closest to you will be put in the judging. The meringue just came out nicer than the back one.

I plan on going and just enjoying myself and just relax after an afternoon of pie making.
Julia Child says..."when cooking, strive for perfection and if it isn't, never apologize! no excuses! no explanations!"

It is what it is.

(isn't coconut cream pie what MaryAnn always made for Gilligan on Gilligan's Island?)

The pies were taken and eaten and judged and that little pie in front got runner up in the Cream Pie division. The fella in the back was auctioned off for the rescue mission at the price of $45.00.
I hope it helps them a great deal.


  1. I love to make coconut cream pie, but I never do merinque. Those look beautiful! We had our missions bazaar today and like you, I was watching baked stuff and handmade items sell to help support a local food pantry--one of the places where we send some $$$. Keep up the good baking!

  2. good job!! :)
    Marie :)