Monday, November 22, 2010

Guest Post

Guest Post by Margaret

Aren't those eyes so beautiful? With more intensity and emotion than any other dog I've ever known, Jenna could always captivate someone with her human like eyes. Now they are cloudy and a pale blue, as she has now succumbed quite rapidly to cataracts.

She used to have perfect posture, now she runs into things, and trips as she's walking. A fine Frisbee champion, she now can no longer see it right before her eyes. Her favourite past times are now burdens as she tries to navigate through a much darker world.

But we, in our love for our little Border Collie, are quickly making her world a little brighter...

A radio at night that keeps her company...

a Frisbee scented with bacon grease....

and bells on the cats, will all let her know that we still love her.


  1. My baby is an 11 year old chihuahua, I have noticed her starting to walk into things, sometimes she turns and all but runs into something (a tree, the bed...), she looks so surprised when she does that. The other night, she almost took a nose dive off the porch, I was taking her outside to do her late night potty break, she walked right to the edge of the porch and appeared like she was going to continue walking (not toward the steps), I called her name and fortunately she stopped, the nose dive would have been 6+ feet to the ground, not a happy thought... the next day hubby put up a chihuahua sized piece of wood, she can still see over it, but will not wander off the edge at night.

    It's sad when these little reminders of mortality begin to happen to our babies.


  2. blessings to you and your dear friend, jenna.

  3. My Border Collie 'Tippy' went that way with her eyes but she still managed to have a good last few years and hardly seemed to be affected when in familiar places so I think your dog will learn to live with it and still have good times.

  4. She is so sweet! It is hard when our pets begin to age...this post shows how much you love her...

  5. My poor little terrier is getting cataracts too. She's about 13 years old but it doesn't seem to be affecting her eyesight much yet. So sad to see a pet suffer.