Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Justify FullSome good things HAVE happened this week.

Our dog still has a good attitude, although her eyesight has been severely compromised.

My husband got to feeling better and was able to get out and about yesterday to work.

Some 'anonymous' person gave my cousin's husband $20.00 to give to ME so I could make him a Sugar Cream Pie. I will share the recipe with you soon. I think I will make the pie tomorrow so 'mystery person' can have it for Thanksgiving Day.

I spent three very lovely hours yesterday with my Aunt Rosie. She taught me how to 'patch' pants. She started patching her brother's clothes when she was 12 and has been patching clothes since. She is now well into her 80's. Yesterday she also made two dozen chocolate chip cookies for the roofers that were putting on a new roof- in the WIND I might add.

My daughter and I will take the rest of the week off school. Hopefully, we can help, Jenna, with her new way of life and drive into town with my $20.00 and buy 'whipping cream' for the pie. There will probably be about $18.00 left. Hmm...what shall I do with it???


  1. i had an ancient black lab whose sight diminished but her hearing and scent remained strong. what got her through every day life was her pal, angel. angel was a stray german pointer/terrier. she and rose were glued together. as rose's sight failed, she relied on angel's movement and vocalizations to be 'in the game." it was remarkable. they remained attached at the hip to rose's last day. angel was lost when rose went to heaven. now as angel grows older she has a pal named grace, a jack russell who doesn't let any of us miss a thing :)

  2. Wish you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!