Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Not A Pretty Sight

Our television is not new and fancy like some. It is one that is still 'fat' in the back and sits on a stand. It isn't high def. We get one channel...sometimes two. Honestly, I don't know what channels we DO get, but it is the one that had the Olympics. It is just a typical lovely television set.
Sunday we drove to Bloomington for a birthday party and sat in a living room that had a HUGE flat screen television on the wall. High Def and all the bells.
They had football on. Colts vs. Bengals.
To my surprise...they had about six football
announcers....all men all lined up behind a desk. They were huge on this TV.
Are you kind of picturing this.....?

O.K. My point is this.

Um let me see, how can I say this gently.....
if you ain't easy on the eyes on regular tv ....you ain't gonna be on high definition. I don't think the magic of television goes that far. Actually, in my opinion, high def...just intensifies the issue. Yikes.
Maybe if they just didn't get such 'close-ups' of the announcers....oh the pain.


  1. So I take it you're not running out to buy a big screen tv?

    We don't have a big tv, but it is a flat screen because that's all they sell now, it seems. It took me a while to get used to how squatty everyone looked.

    And I don't even pretend to see the value of the HD thing.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! You really cracked me up today!!:-D

    We still have the old type tv too---and we've told our girls to enjoy it because when it quits working, we probably won't replace it.;-)

    We used to have some rabbit ears hooked up but once our girls got old enough to be interested in the tv, I found that it was quite a distraction. We ended up with just a dvd player and the tv---this way if I need them to shut it off, it's not a battle --- they know that with the dvd player whatever they're watching will start right where they left off.

    Plus, we don't have to worry about seeing those "not so easy on the eyes" sports announcers! :-D

  3. Ha ha - I know what you mean. Our TV is fat and fuzzy, we can get quite a lot of channels but still can't find anything to watch half the time. Some friends have the sort of TV that you talk about, it has all the same old rubbish on that we get on out TV but on their's you can see it better.

  4. I have a heck of a time with the big screen tvs, they hurt my eyes and give me motion sickness. Funny cause I don't have a problem at a movie theater, but something about the big screen in a house does it to me. I'll stick with our regular size tvs ;)