Sunday, May 12, 2013

Spinning Coopworth

 Coopworth on top bobbin, Polwarth on bottom bobbin with the unsuccessful yak/silk fiber wrapped on it. 
 I love the different hues and shades in this wool.

While attending the spinning class yesterday, I thought it would be interesting to attempt to spin a yak/silk blend.  While I was not the least bit successful (Ha!) I didn't mark it off my future spinning list.  I only marked it off my current spinning list.  It's crazy.  I did have what I consider success spinning the Coopworth rolags I carded.  I think my carding skills need to be perfected as well.  I noticed several little bits of wool balls that were slightly annoying.  They made little bumps in the spun wool.  I suppose it will add character to the finished product. I'm thinking it will give them an earthy look. I am hoping the finished knitted project will be a pair of mittens.

Thursday, May 2, 2013