Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Socks are Done Finally

My socks are finally done.
This particular one tested my nerves to say the least.
I did a sewn (see below) bind off, which I like a lot.

My daughter volunteered to be the model.

You can see the "Tuscany" pattern in the picture above, just below the ribbing.
Below is the ribbing turned down. They don't look the same size in the picture below, but they ARE.

50% Merino wool
25% Bamboo
25% Nylon (I believe Nylon is to strengthen the sock)
Premier Yarns
Serenity Sock Weight
Colorway: Chili


  1. I love the sewn bind off too, lovely and stretchy but firm as well!
    Nice sock yarn. I love pinks and greens together. And you're right, the nylon is to strengthen the sock.

  2. Let me be the first to congratulate you on another pair of socks---me who wants to become the queen of sock knitting! They look quite nice. I think my bind off finishing is what needs the most work. Tried to spin last night and everything was going wrong. I went back to knitting socks!

  3. Very nice, and they go with you rug too. ;)
    hope you are enjoying the weather. :)
    Marie :)

  4. The socks look very good. I like the colours. Knitting seems very popular at the moment.