Sunday, October 10, 2010

NOW she is Seventeen!

She donned her best civil war attire and we went back in time to this place.

Her dress doesn't have enough poof just yet. Crinoline and perhaps even a new fancy dress like one of these are goals for next year.
She purchased her snood and lace gloves last year...too hot for the gloves this year. It was an unseasonably high 89°.
When we had taken all we could take, we staggered to the Saloon for an ice cold (root)beer.

These were the Union forces gathering to advance on the Confederate forces at Gettysburg.

Confederate forces coming up the hill.

As we strolled around we saw this fella.

Later he agreed to have his picture made with Margaret.

The great thing about home education is that we can dig deeper into history at any given time. While studying the American Civil War, she read a book entitled, "The Real Lincoln". So I was shocked when she agreed to the photo.

We had an enjoyable time.

But, on any given day you could find her looking like this on the back porch.


  1. Wonderful! I so enjoy the Civil War, especially since we homeschooled and just this year learned about several relatives who were in the war. Incredible pictures. I'd love to go to a re-enactment sometime! We too got different perspectives by studying what literature we chose for the time period instead of the standard textbook!

  2. What great photos, I bet that was a fun day out. I love the black and white photo at the end, so natural and happy.

  3. Please wish Maggie a very happy birthday from one of your far away readers.
    We used to attend re-enactments locally but have gotten away from it over the last few years--I think we need to go back. ;-)
    I loved her new poke bonnet too and can't wait to see what ribbons she might add.
    I hope that she had a special day--it definitely looks like she did. :-)

  4. Love these pictures! But, now you've got me curious about Lincoln! I'm guessing she read some not-so-good-stuff about him? I've never read any accounts of the man (should I be ashamed?) so I'm curious.

    Love the picture at the end!