Monday, October 25, 2010

I Am Now In His Decade

My birthday gift will hopefully be a day trip to St. Joseph, Michigan. I don't know if we can get it done this fall or not, but if we do I want to eat at Clementine's, look out over the river and then walk on the beach of Lake Michigan and look at a light house...I heard there was one there. I have never been to St. Joe, but friends of ours have and when they can't be found you can just bet they are in Michigan. But yesterday was basically uneventful. We prepared @ 60 potatoes for baking, my husband went to the jail to minister to inmates on his regular cell block. He has several that voluntarily meet with him for Bible study. He picked up his grand daughter on the way home and she went to church with us last evening and after wards the whole church had....baked potatoes with various toppings. I gave her a little lesson on how to knit, she is seven, so the lesson was short and sweet. This morning she thought sausage and eggs sounded good for breakfast, so I cooked up some diced up baked potatoes sprinkled with Lemon Pepper, paprika and salt and pepper to the menu. He has just now taken her back home and I thought I would take a few minutes before lunch to share a photo or two of what I look like being FIFTY. Then after that Margaret and I will drive into town and deliver Bentley to his rightful owners. (we have dogsat my sister's dog since Thur. evening). AND I think I just might buy me a chocolate bar on the way home. Then I will probably heat up soup for supper (yes, when I make soup, we eat it off and on for days)....but I am thinking....broiled pork chops,mashed potatoes/corn sound good for supper too.....oh, decisions decisions.


  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Yes, do visit Michigan! I feel like joking that we need the tourist dollars up here! Well, it's a pretty state. My mom lived over near St. Joseph in a small town along the lake while growing up.
    My husband is also involved in jail ministry. He's the president of our country's chaplaincy ministry board. Our annual banquet last week had record attendance and a record offering! Praise the Lord!

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    BTW, I love your new background.


  3. Happy Birthday (again) Lou! I hope you get to go where you want to go.

    Have a great day!