Sunday, October 17, 2010

Purple Socks Converted

Remember these?

I turned them into toed socks for winter time. I took out the last few rows and added some more and then did a totally wrong decrease..but it works for me.

It is like having new socks!

The yarn is Sensations, Bamboo & Ewe.


  1. They look so good. Can you turn mine into toed socks as well...I'm not too good with that thing running between my big toe and my other toe. Or you could do like the fingerless gloves that you just flip the cover over and Velcro it to the bottom...tada it's a mitten! You can have toeless socks...but when you flip the thing over...they're toed!
    Or maybe not...just a thought.

  2. How great is that, converting a pair of socks to suit the seasons!