Friday, October 22, 2010

A New Laptop

My husband acquired a laptop through a friend for Margaret and I to share for our birthdays.
We ordered a router and after loading it and finding that I couldn't get the laptop to go on line, I called the maker of the router-Linksys.
After two lovely hours on the phone with two lovely ladies.....they realized that they couldn't help with my problem.
So on a whim, I called the number that was on the sheet of paper that came with the computer.
We had a bad connection and the young man called me back on his other phone.
Twenty minutes later.....the laptop was happy happy and so was I.
He didn't have to help me, but he did and he was able to do in 20 minutes what the gals in San Francisco couldn't do in two hours. Honest.
So, let me give his little company a plug.
They are very knowledgeable and quite pleasant. If you need your laptop fixed.....give them a look.

Avon PC Pitstop

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  1. There can be nothing more frustrating than computers and things for computers that you can't get to work. Its nice that you got help when you needed it by someone who problem is wasn't.