Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Purple House

Yesterday we delivered the last of our chickens to my cousin over on the other side of the county. Margaret and I picked up Mom and headed on over with birds in the back of the Explorer. (they were caged and there was minimal poopage on the plastic placed beneath the pen)

We drove by this house and I was so stunned by its beauty that I stopped and had Margaret take pictures. I hope I didn't invade anyone's privacy and if it is YOUR house....I hope it is o.k. that we took photos.
I believe the style is Federal and it was the most beautiful color...is that eggplant? The buildings behind it were the same lovely color.

Isn't it pretty?


  1. that is a very neat house! I would not have dared to paint it that color, but would buy it, it looks great.


  2. Beautiful house! I once lived in a huge Victorian and painting was the biggest decision. I ended up not liking the color after it was done. I had a scheme of colors softer than the house you pictured in mind, but still the same basic shades. I ended up with something else more like shades of burnt orange and rust. Never was happy with it. This house is pretty!