Saturday, October 23, 2010

My First Laptop Post

Ialmost teared up this morning when I turned on the laptop and could actually STILL get on line. Thanks Wesly. What a sweetheart.
I am still learning how to navigate this little fella.
No mouse and a finger scrolly thing that takes some gettin' used to!!!!
I visited a most lovely blog this morning, well it's a guys blog so maybe he wouldn't want it called lovely. :)
But if YOU want some LOVELY in your life today, go here. His name is Rob.
I didn't knit ANYTHING yesterday, which is weird.
Today, after I get my quart of sweet tea finished brewing, I will get ready to go out to the garden and get it cleaned up for wintertime. I hear there is a storm a'comin', so I best get to it.
My sweet tea...ahhh, I used to drink a couple quarts a day, but am now down to ONE and sometimes I still have some left in the evening. I hardly drink pop anymore, which is a good thing and I am trying to get my suppers in before 6p.m. With my husband's schedule it is always hard to plan suppers. So now I try to get them done anyway and Margaret and I can eat and he can eat when he gets home. The early suppers seem to help my heartburn and stomach issues. No pop helps too-a LOT!
Chris is working today and after the garden, we will probably make some sort of bread to go with the soup we made yesterday. Vegetable soup. It turned out really tasty. It is always better on the second day.
So off I go with my day, trying not to think about that fact that tomorrow is my birthday. 50th.
Until Next Time!


  1. Happy Birthday one day early! My next b-day will be my 50th. I drink alot of McD's plain tea with a little bit of Hi-C in it! Yum, yum! It's like a habit with me! I did some cleaning of my garden yesterday!

  2. Thanks for the mention and don't worry I don't mind you calling my blog lovely, no doubt there are plenty of worse things it could be called if people were so minded. I have added you to my blog list so I can see when you update your blog. I love home made soup and bread, I think if I was Chris I would be home double quick time if that was on the menu.

  3. Ya can't mention that it's gonna be your 50th Birthday and just let that be.
    Enjoy your special day!
    Love ya Lou!
    Marie :)

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