Friday, July 2, 2010

Alpaca Ribbed Cap

Have a look here to see where I got this neat alpaca yarn.
I measured out this hank and it came out to about 100 yards. In the "One-Skein Wonders" 101 yarn shop favorites book, they had a pattern for a ribbed cap that would be just about right for the amount of yarn that I had. I improvised a bit, but it is generally the same.
Cast on 88, work K2,P2, rib for 8.5 inches.
Decrease round #1, K2tog, P2tog, repeat around.
Work K1, P1, for the next three rounds.
Decrease round #2, K2tog, repeat around.
Decrease round #3, K2tog, repeat around.
Cut yarn, weave tail through remaining stitches, draw up snugly, and weave in the end. Ta Da.
Just takes a day or two to knit it up.
I used size 8 circular and dpns.
Can't wait til cold weather to try it out. It feels really warm when it is 70°.
There is a coziness to this hat when it is on your head. It is weighty but light at the same time.

In its resting position.

I thought the decrease at the top might be weird, but it wasn't at all.

If you like to spin alpaca fiber, here is a spot where you can purchase some.
Go here to see some really cute alpacas.


  1. Ok - I didn't understand a word you just said, but the hat is really cute and I love Alpacas.

    And, thanks so much for teaching me how to edit my blog list. Now you're on my front page! Yay!

    Have a great day!


  2. What a great hat...looks like it is going to be good and warm...great job!