Friday, July 16, 2010

Year of the Pie Give Away

Hot Pads & Dishcloth

Hot Pads are crocheted in double thickness and are approximately 7 inches by 6.5 inches. (the same kind I use to remove pies from the oven--- :) )
Dishcloth is knitted and is approximately 12 inches square.
They are 100% cotton.
I would love to share them with you.

So here are the rules.
You need to comment on this blog and list 10 pies that I have made in this past year. Any ten will do. Listing ten pies will get you entered for the hot pads.
Listing ten pies AND naming the pie ingredient that I detest will earn you an entry for the hot pads AND the dishcloth. About half of the pie entries are here on this blog and you can find the rest here at Watalulu. Click on the categories "In The Kitchen OR Year of the Pie"
The drawing will be quite fair so anyone can enter, that includes family members.
Margaret won't enter, but she will be helping be with the drawing.
I know the prize is not fancy, but they were crocheted and knitted by yours truly.
I know you will love them as much as I do.
I will keep this drawing open til July 24, 2010- 4 p.m.
I will post the winner's name here on that evening. At that point you will have to tell me how to get a hold of you.

The comments won't be published-until later.


  1. although i would like to enter your drawing on the very cool hot pads and dish cloth...i guess i should refrain since i could make my own, and not use up a chance for someone else to win.
    i do know the ingredient that you detest, which is coconut.
    of course i read every entry on your blog so i could list 10 of your pies off the top of my head.
    i am wondering if you are going to print off your recipes along with the beautiful pictures and make a cute pie cookbook?? that sure would make a wonderful present..(hint,hint)the woman with the rhurbarb (and a birthday in sept!)

  2. 1 sour cream pear pie
    2 butterscotch pie
    3 apple pie
    4 lemon meringue pie
    5 cherry pie
    6 strawberry pie
    7 rhurbarb pie
    8 apple cheese pie
    9 kentucky derby pie
    10 fudge pecan pie

    and the ingredient that you destest is coconut
    i entered as anonymous because i don't know how else to make it work. but i am glenna

  3. Hi,

    Okay, here are the ten pies- sour cream pear pie,peach cream pie, Kentucky derby pie, sugar cream pie, fudge pecan pie, strawberry rhubarb pie, plum pie, key lime pie, blue bramble pie,
    and beekeepers pie.

    The ingredient that you detest is.....COCONUT.

    You made a lot of pies!