Thursday, July 8, 2010

Year of the Pie Coming to an end.....soon

In celebration ,and I really mean CELEBRATION, of the Year of the Pie coming to a close VERY soon, I will be having a drawing for a pair of hot pads/oven pads. Different folks call them different things. But they are the exact kind of 'hand protection' that I used every time I had to bake a pie for this journey. You can trust me when I say, you won't get burned when you remove your delicious pie from the oven. I will show a photo of them soon, but in the will need to be thinking about the past pie posts.

You can find about half of them here at Yarns of Life and the rest over here at Watalulu.
Just check under the categories of In The Kitchen or Year of the Pie.

To enter yourself into the drawing you DON'T have to link to anyone or put a button anywhere....Praise The Lord, right? Ha
You just have to review these two blogs
and comment here with the names of 10 pies. That is it. There is someone out there who knows what pie ingredient I DETEST. Name that ingredient and you will also receive... a knitted dishcloth to wipe up after making your pie.
Because this will be a fair drawing, it is open to anyone-relative or non.
You will have a couple weeks to gather this information because I have two more pies to make.....any suggestions?
Does anyone out there have 6 Cups of gooseberries they want to share????

I appreciate your faithfulness to this Pie Adventure. See you soon.

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