Saturday, July 10, 2010


I am trying this new background, since the old one was taken out of service, hopefully, temporarily.
Not too much happening around here lately. No one has tried to run over me, I haven't made a pie since the Plum Pie (you may want to jot that name down), the weather has been hot. My husband has been busy working on the steeple. It is coming along. Some folks (and I am one of them) can't visualize how something will look when it is finished. My husband can *see into the future* on stuff like that. He can say. I am gonna make this. He starts working on it and puts this together and that together, looks at the blueprints, works some more and before long it is finished.
But I can say that, even though I can't visualize it like he can, there is NO doubt in my mind that it will turn out fantastic. I have seen him do it time and time again.

Today I am cooking some pork in the crock pot to make pork barbecue later.

The heat and humidity are both down a bit so I may mow the yard.

OR I may KNIT. Ha.
Been working on a Prime Rib or Brioche Hat aka Watchcap. It is quite fun and of course I will post a photo soon. Why all of these hats in JULY??? Because wintertime isn't that far away Love.
I will also post a photo of the hot pads/dishcloth that I will give away.

It will just be a lazy day around here, but I will be back soon.

Until Next Time.

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