Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rhubarb Plant

This is a rhubarb plant.
It grows at my sister's house and is very AGED. She didn't know how old it was, but assumed it was planted by our grandmother years and years ago.
I have tried two different times to grow rhubarb here at our house and have one currently 'trying' to grow in our garden. Ours doesn't look so good and I think it might 'cough up the bit'. I am gonna call the greenhouse where we purchased it and see if they have any advice. I would hate to lose the little fella.

They are very majestic looking.
Wikipedia says they are a veggie, but back in the day were reclassified as a fruit for tax purposes.
When I was a kid I used to pick a stalk with a big leaf on it (which are toxic by the way) and use it as a fan while I dipped the stalk end in some sugar and had a nice snack.

But, oh, here is the good stuff.
The red/green stalks. They are stiff like celery and a little stringy too, but yummy.

Every now and then you can find some at the Wal-Mart in the fresh veggie area. You will need about 4 C. to make a pie, probably about 4-5 stalks, but buy a few extra just in case and if you don't need it for the pie, eat it like a kid and fan yourself between bites.

This afternoon I spoke with my garden supply lady and she said once you plant your rhubarb, do not water it. God takes care of that.

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  1. You have me hungry for grandma used to make a sauce like applesauce out of it too...used to be my favorite! I used to munch on the stalks when I was little...loved the sour! Haven't seen a plant in years...thanks for sharing.

    How is your knitting going? I...have torn my project out 3 times...yeah, 3...but it is going really nice now and...I am past where I was before. I have to remind myself that this is my first big project.

    Have a great evening!