Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival

One of the reasons we visited Kentucky is for this 1st annual Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival.

It cost $3.00 to get in. Chris & Margaret dropped me off and they went and enjoyed a good morning of stockdog trials just over the hill. I caught the shuttle from the festival to the trials when I was finished oooing and aaaaing. The shuttle was free and I was very thankful for it. I had called C & M to see if they had food at the trials yet and they said, "there is no food here". So I stood in line for a quite a spell, but was tickled to visit with some fellow fiber-freaks while we waited. A couple ladies were from Knoxville, TN and a couple were from Shelbyville, IN. When my turn to order came I almost couldn't decide between the shaved lamb sandwich for $6. or the pulled pork BBQ for $4. Being the tightwad that I am......I wavered.....but then I splurged. I have only eaten lamb one other time in my life that I know of and it was at the sheep barn at the Indiana State Fair. So I ordered two BBQ's and one lamb and a side of some sort of potato wedge with cheesy stuff on it and a large pop for us all to share. So you see, I am now toting a large camera, a purse, my bag of Alpaca fiber which I love, 3 sandwiches,taters & a pop. Oh, please Lord help me. I was a little stressed because I had to make it in one piece over to the dog trials to feed my starving family. If I tripped would I save the alpaca fiber or the food first? Hmm.

Anyway, here are some llamas that they had on display. I really enjoyed their educational displays.

More of the camelid family.
Camels, llamas,vicuna & aplacas are all in the camelid family. How cute.

These next two gals were my favorite booth. Not because they had oodles of stuff for sale, but because they were demonstrating how the fiber went from one form to another.
The lady here is carding some fiber...it might be wool.

Then after she was done carding she sent it next door to the lady to spin.
I asked this lady how long she had been spinning and she said "Three years". I asked how long it took for her to get good at it and she said. "Three years". lol
They were both VERY kind.
Their booth is where I purchased the alpaca fiber. It was the 'carding' lady whose alpaca gave of its fiber so she could spin it and eventually sell it to moi.

O.K. Hold on to your chair. These cute little critters are 8 month old alpacas that have been shaved a bit. They were beyond cute.

There was a sheep there that had the prettiest wool-still on its back for now.
Anyway, that is my little fiber yarn.


  1. Very neat post. I bet that was a fun day. I can't wait to see what you do with your yarn!

    Thanks for the visit,

  2. You crack me up! What would you have saved - the food or the fur? Hmmm. Difficult choice.

    Thank you for consistently reading my blog. I really appreciate it! I am full of challenges because it seems I'm always trying to improve something - mostly myself.

    Have fun with your fur!

  3. Looks like a great day! The fiber-a-holic in me is drooling!!! (and I love great BBQ too)

  4. I have spent most of my day blog-hopping and discovering so many amazing blogs. I've just come to your wonderful blog through your sisters wonderful blog! Your spinning story reminded me of a time when I was enduring a long hospitalization. One of my nurses told me she raised sheep and spun their wool and whatnot. I was curious so she brought some in and demonstrated carding right there next to my bed. I think yarn people must be some ofmthe nicest...