Friday, May 28, 2010

Madison, Indiana

When we left Lexington,KY for our trip home, we took the ever-windy,hilly,bendy 421. If you are in a hurry to get to Madison, Indiana from Lexington, KY, don't take this road. Matter of fact, I am not sure there is a QUICK way to get there. But it was pretty.

I don't know if I have ever disclosed that fact to you that I have a fear of bridges. As lovely as they are....I don't care to cross them. There is actually a very amiable bridge near our home that I cross to get to the highway....I hold my breath just for an instant each time I cross it. Then I have to cross another bridge to get into town and yet another one to get on out to my moms house. Even though I cross these bridges alot, I never take them lightly.

I shall share with you a nemesis to two just for fun.
O.K. First of all, all bridges scare me. The bridge that creeps me out the most is the Huey P. Long bridge, New Orleans. This bridge is straight from the Pit!

internet picture

The Chesapeake Bay bridge is intense. I think it is five miles long, high and over the bay and then out of NOWHERE it turns, right there in the middle. I drove over this bridge twice and my knuckles were white both times. My sweet little 4 yr. old daughter was saying, "Oh, momma look at all the pretty boats". My peripherals told me it was lovely. Inside I was screaming like a banshee.

internet picture

Surprisingly enough, the Lake Ponchartrain bridge, is like 23 miles long. I never minded riding or driving over that....maybe because it wasn't real tall and I heard the lake wasn't real deep.

internet picture

I rode over the Madison, Indiana bridge with my mom some years ago and didn't fare well. Just ask her, she will tell you.

So....I chose the route home from Lexington because I wanted my family to see lovely Madison and the scary bridge. (I was wanting to face my fears-didn't happen) The road signs told us we were getting close. I had planned just to shut my eyes way before I saw the bridge and then open them after we were in INDIANA. I was doing fine....I was taking deep breaths....preparing. Then I saw it...the sign...the sign said...SHARP CURVES, STEEP HILL (or something like that) RUNAWAY TRUCK RAMP so many yards ahead. For crying out loud!!!! I have to come straight down off of a mountain towards is scary just to type about it.

Well, I kept the old eyeballs shut and my lovely daughter took pictures. My husband did a wonderful job driving, I guess. (i wasn't lookin').
This first picture was taken from the KY side after we came down the hill.
It IS pretty.

This is from the Indiana side looking back.

We drove down to the river and had look-see. It had nice side walks . Madison holds a boat race every year. I think the movie Madison was filmed here, at least parts of it. Hank is in that movie. Hank was the bartender in Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Visit Madison, Indiana.


  1. We loved Madison Indiana. It is so quaint. Hope you enjoyed the area.

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