Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A Trip to Bloomington, Indiana

The day after Christmas, during the 4 days that Chris was home from working in New York, we were able to go down to Bloomington to visit with his son's family for a day. I say 'down' to Bloomington because it is south of us. If we were to visit Margaret's people in New Orleans, we would go 'down' south as well. And for all practical purposes I suppose all of those folks would visit us 'up' north. If we visit my cousin, Phil, in Arizona we would go 'out' west. It is interesting how we describe things. And heaven help the person who says they are going 'up' to Bloomington from here...because that is not happening. Well, anyway, enough of that. :)

Bloomington is a college town and home to Indiana University. Basically, it is in southern Indiana. Amanda drove Margaret and I to the downtown area to visit the yarn shop. We parked on the square. Downtown Bloomington. It was such a surprise.
It smelled SO good. Food. We breathed in that wonderful smell as we walked to the shop. The sign in the window said OPEN, but it wasn't. :(
So....next time we visit: I must find where that wonderful smell was coming from and partake thereof and stroll through the yarn shop and oooh and aaah and also partake thereof.

Margaret and Amanda outside the shop, Yarns Unlimited.

The exciting thing about this post is...the addition of a 'label' at the bottom...."YARN SHOPS".....it's plural. Thus begins my quest!

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  1. Can't wait to see more in the "Yarn Shops" category!