Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Can't Wait to Show You!

I am knitting a 'little person' sweater....from the top. It is so fun and cute. It is not a step by step pattern, but the guidelines found in Barbara G. Walker's book. With these guidelines I can make any sized sweater. I am really excited about this.
This first sweater is still under my 'practice mode' but will be given to a little person as soon as I can finish it and wash and block it. I honestly don't know if it will fit, so I am knitting at the speed of lightening, just in case it does. I have a feeling, if it does won't fit for too long.

I think it is cute.

Adding the left arm with a matching stripe.
The ribbing at the bottom. See how the right column of the knit rib are off a little bit? I have read to correct that, when coming in to do a knit stitch from the two rib purl....just knit into the back of that first stitch. Has anyone else read that? I keep forgetting to try it. If I remember, I shall do it on the sleeve cuffs.

Until next time....


  1. Love it! The stripe is cute. Isn't Barbara Walker a genius? I made a sewater for me from that book and it fits like a glove.
    As for your ribbing problem, that happens to me too. i've tried loads of things to rectify is, but to no avail. I must try this idea next time.

  2. Not sure why those ribs are "looser," if that's what you are referring to. I think being careful when finishing the last purl before the knit is key--tension. Maybe I'm wrong---will be curious to see what others say. I think the sweater is very cute. I'm a sweater maker from way back! Love to knit them!