Monday, January 23, 2012

National Pie Day

It is National Pie Day. All of you gals at the Tuesday Talker's Club be ready for some Pumpkin Pie. As most of you know I ventured into the world of a different pie a week for a year and blogged about it. It started out as a 'let's learn how to make pies really well' with my daughter. Well, after 52 weeks of pies and blog posts, we know a little bit more about pies. We also know what kinds we love and those we don't love. I learned to cook with coconut flakes, yuk. But a lot of pies call for coconut and my husband really likes coconut, so I made pies with coconut. I got a lot of feedback from pie eaters at the church we attended. Pies that were voiced the most were: Coconut Cream Pie, Snow Pie, Sawdust Pie,Tar Heel Pie, Beekeeper's Pie and Blue Bramble Pie. My all time favorite is Rhubarb Pie. I would love to make a gooseberry pie this year, but the gooseberries are so expensive. I entered my pies in contests. Coconut Cream, Apple, Blue Bramble and Sawdust Pies. Blue Bramble received honorable mention and Sawdust received champion at the county fair. I entered the Coconut Cream in a church fund raiser and came in second in the cream pies division. They auctioned off the top pies for charity. My husband bid and won my pie for $40.00. I told him I would make him a pie anytime he wanted....he said something sweet, like "It's for charity Honey" and we left. What makes this funny is that the pies that won high awards were made with I didn't even taste the pies that won.

So, I guess I said all of that to say this, if you want to see my pie posts, just click HERE or click Year of the Pie on the sidebar.

If you are making a pie today I would love to know what kind. Leave a comment!

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  1. Somehow missed this pie post. I think of my daughter as the queen of cream pies. She recently made a coconut cream for a friend of ours who admitted to eating three large pieces in less than 24 hours, later commenting that he really enjoyed the pie and it ranked up there as good as any he'd ever eaten. Pies can be a blessing to people in these days of so little home baking. Keep up the good pie work!

  2. Thanks again honey for all the pie sampling-your my "Pie Queen"