Saturday, March 17, 2012

New Digs

Chris doing a little work on the chimney.

The hardwood floor in the entry way had layers of tile and then some "wonderful" glue. The makers of that adhesive should be very proud because it really does 'adhese' (sp) is that a word?
We had to buy some special glue remover and it takes the glue off, but also the varnish, etc. that was on the wood floor.
Soooo, the floors will need to be spruced up and refinished.

You can see the area where the remover has been applied and where the glue still is. Margaret scraped and scraped to get the glue off, but it was not gonna happen.

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  1. When we did our hardwood floors, they were the original ones from 1914, it was just like that... however, in several rooms we also had pieces of wood that were block re-dos. We re-furbished the ones that were perfect but had to put carpet over the others. They turned out wonderful but oh the headaches and backaches!

    That is a lot of work!