Wednesday, March 7, 2012

doodle Hat

As one would doodle with pencil and paper, I was doodling the other day with needle and yarn. I cast on for a regular little hat and ended up just changing yarn whenever and knitting straight up with no decreases. Once I decided I had knit enough. I kitchener stitched the opening closed and added a couple little do-dads on the ends and tada! a doodle hat.

The foam head is @ 20 1/4 inches around.


  1. Very cool! Now you're acting like me! Your results are nicer, though. I knit a "ribbon" by keeping a variety of yarns and needle sizes available next to my chair over a period of time. When done, it was a nice "sampler" of patterns and I hung it on the wall with old wooden knitting needles through it for an added artsy look. Your finished product is more useful. NICE.

  2. So cute those little pom-pom doo-dads! They make me smile.