Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Krazy Kat

After having taken a trip to the city in the back of my husbands work truck a few days ago ( he didn't know she was there and she hopped out when he opened the back up-Margaret and I happened by on our way to the library just at that moment and we saw her dash across the street...a couple alleys, yards, fences and a garage/old car later, she was recaptured and promptly driven home) it looks like she didn't learn her lesson. Here she is resting on the bumper of our truck getting ready to pull out.

In case you are interested, she does need a new home....we can't take her with us when we move.
Any takers?


  1. She is pretty! Our cat tries to excape a good bit too. We are in a "move" now but he is very happy basking in the sun and looking out the camper window at all the birds. Well.. for now.. he is!

  2. She is beautiful! I love calicos. Wish I lived closer - I would take her, but alas, I live in Texas!