Friday, March 23, 2012

Flooring- Closet and Bath

What the previous owner was going to make a large bathroom, we divided into a walk-in closet and smaller bathroom. The floors needed some TLC.

He cut out the bad spots and patched them then in the closet laid a big thick piece of plywood with a vapor barrier on the back (it has a name but I don't recall it). He went to a nearby town to purchase the plywood at half the price of regular. :)

He laid a different type of flooring down in the bathroom. It was thinner...again has a name...I don't know what it is...luan or something.

You can see the separation with the 2 x 4 of the bath and closet.
We pulled some boxes of *stick on* tile from The Pile and proceeded to have fun.

A view from the kitchen looking through the 'wall' at the flooring after set the tub in to get a visual. The tub has two additional pieces that create a surround effect. My sister and her husband had this tub stored in their barn and when they realized they couldn't use it they graciously gave it to us.

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