Saturday, July 2, 2011

From Small Planet to Baby Blanket-Complete

Well, here is the finished product of this.
It turned out to be @ 36 inch square. The pattern called for one big skein, which I purchased. It called for increasing up to 207 stitches....which I did. It called for decreasing down to 5 stitches...which I 'tried' to do, but ran out of yarn with a few inches to go.
It was an easy enough pattern...good for mindless knitting. Not my favorite though and definitely not my favorite yarn.....sorry Lion Brand. But it should wash and dry easily enough for a mother with a new baby and in turn keep said baby warm. So with that it earned one star from me on my ravelry page.
I will give the rest of the second skein to Robin.
FYI: If you knit this blanket and follow the pattern may I suggest you knit to only 200 stitches before starting your may not have to buy a second skein.

Until next time..

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