Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Great Day

Friends invited us to spend the afternoon with them. They were camping at a local reservoir. Here are some scenes of Indiana as we traveled there.

It is basically corn, corn and more corn. :)
But that is a good thing.

Our destination.

I always get nervous when I see signs like this.

They took us out on their boat (pontoon) we floated (Margaret and I.)

We rode tubes (Me.)

We relaxed. (Chris)

I took my billionth picture of the moon, KNOWING it wouldn't turn out, but it DID. Click on the image and see how well it did. Yay.

We glided slowly and quietly through the water as the sun set and we made hearts with our hands.

We watched the sun set.
After the sun went down the water was like glass and it made beautiful shapes as we passed through.

The sun is down, the moon captured our attention in the evening sky. My hand on the left and Chris on the right make our moon-heart.

It was a great day.


  1. Louellen,
    I didn't know you wrote a blog!! What a beautiful one, too :) Your photography is wonderful and it is pure delight to see the beauty of the Lord's creation and how you enjoyed it together. Thank you for sharing. Love the 'smooth as glass' picture.

  2. Beautiful! Wasn't able to visit your blog for awhile. The sunsets are lovely. Reminds me of the song, "Back Home Again In Indiana."

  3. Love all the heart pictures. They turned out great. You look like you had fun on the tube. So thankful that you were able to have some time to rest and enjoy your day together.