Thursday, July 14, 2011

Roofing Moms House

Chris and Margaret were the 'roof' crew while I was the 'ground' crew. I don't do roofs/ladders/tall things/bridges, etc. So while they nailed down shingles I fetched them water and cut some shingles for the beginning and ending edges and did some serious knitting in between.... :). I sat in the shade there behind the truck. It was a very nice day in the shade....but up on the got a bit warm. Margaret began by placing shingles right where Chris needed them next. In the end, she was placing them and nailing them by herself. We are going back out today to finish the other side.....the weather forecast called for 'sunny and delightful 82°'. Today they will both be covering their arms........a little bit of sun goes a long way. Me? Shade and knitting and fetching and cutting. :)


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  2. What a great looking crew! How very neat that they could work on such a project together. :) p.s-thanks for stopping by my blog! Now I know that you have one. :)