Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Fun Saturday

We had been wanting to go here for years and yesterday was the day to do it.

At the top of the stairs is free valet parking. We were heading toward the racing side, not the casino side.
It was a beautiful day, 70's breezy, sunny with some clouds.
But lookie there....that tall flag pole on the right. That is the American flag. Can you believe it? I could hardly see it. I think with all of the money flowing in and out of there.....a bigger flag would be in the budget.

My husband and I pause to record a memory.

This is a view from inside the place (looking from the paddock area).
There is the paddock area, below. I think those flowers are begonias.

The horses were in the gates. We were watching thoroughbred racing at this point.

And they are off!

When it is time for the next race, they parade the participants down the track to the paddock area.

We took up residence under an umbrella table.

They come racing down the track toward the finish line. (please note the position of the horses)

After they go by the finish line, they slow up and all you see are rear ends.
Coming from the paddock. (The paddock is where they saddle the horse and put up the jockey)

I thought the pink went well with the grey.
As they leave the paddock area and go onto the track these folks are waiting to take them on to the starting gate.

These are quarter horses that are coming out of the gate. They run straight down the track for 350 yards.
Notice how at the end of the race they are still wide across the track, unlike the thoroughbred who runs longer with turns and they kind of group up more toward the inside at the end.

After the race each jockey has to weigh in

A behind the scenes look at the picture taken in the winner's circle.

A very patriotic equine.

Two shadows wondering...."should we place a bet at the $2. window?"

We decided to DO IT. Here we are holding our tickets.
The race didn't turn out like we had hoped. lol
We certainly had more fun and spent less than when we went to that movie the other day and had to walk out because it was soooooo....disgusting. (I will stop lamenting about that some day).

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  1. Lou-
    It looks like you guys had a wodnerful day together! I have been meaning to comment to your blog and well life has been getting the better of me lately. Anyway I am here :) I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed reading your blog (and Maggies!) it has been such a joy to sit when all it quiet (or when all is loud and I need a mental escape) and share your memories. We are recently starting the Year of the Pie. Sarah is super excited and loves looking at all the recipes you have put on here (we will be using a few of yours!) as we study origin and journal our experiences. I heard you might be doing the Year of the Pizza? I thought that would be so neat for the boys' adventure with me so very soon we will be venturing into a fun world of both. I was also wondering if you would like to get together sometime? Email or call anytime! (I am not sure if it's safe to put phone numbers on here but I know Robin has it or I can email it you) I hope you had a wonderful Lord's day!
    Dawn Pickering