Sunday, May 27, 2012

 We walked to church this morning...straight down this alley, til you can't go anymore, which is three blocks.  lol  We live on First St. and the First Baptist Church is on Fourth St.   It's right past the CVS parking lot.  We were visiting this church because it's close and someone said the preacher was 'good'.  Both were true.  Below is a picture of Chris at the front door.  If I understand correctly, those pillars were saved from being torn down with the church across the street (CVS parking lot) and a local businessman...helped finance the move to this church....
Margaret went to church with us too.....she conveniently hid behind the pillar.  If the above pic was taken with a better would reveal these pillars.

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  1. What wonderful pillars!!! What a fine family your are!!!