Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pantiility Update

The pantility is coming along quite nicely.  Looky here.

These cabinets were here when we got the house.  So was the red stain...so in keeping with our theme of "Keep it Cheap"  (inexpensive) we used them both.  We are also leaving the grey wooden wall as is.  The new wall that Chris made will be painted a shade of grey. The fella we are buying the house from had painted the outside of the house and there was a lot of left over paint...in the basement that color.  So.....grey it is.


  1. "Keep it Cheap", "Use What Ya Got" or any other name means to me "LOTS OF CHARACTER"!! And character is what makes it YOUR HOME!!

    You guys are an inspiration!!


  2. Love the red stained cupboards, really bright and cheerful against the grey walls.