Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Between the Garages

My husband's job yields many long pieces of wood and pvc pipe.  The garage is just too small to fit everything in.  A huge pile of his stuff has been sitting out back covered with a tarp for a couple weeks and thankfully no one has bothered it.  It mustn't have looked too enticing.  This weekend he worked and worked trying to get the garage cleaned out and organized while also trying to figure out where to put the 'outdoor' stuff.  
Well here it is, so far.  The block garage is the neighbors, who seemed quite interested in the little scrap box of copper Chris had.  So Chris decided the little scrap box of copper would live in the garage until he got to the recycling center.  :)  So between that garage and our house is a space that he blocked off from the alley in the back.  He is keeping the grill and lawn mower and outdoor things there.  But, he was a tad perplexed about the long pieces of wood and pipe.   
Margaret, Molly and I went out to visit my Mom and sister and honestly we weren't gone but an hour or two and when we got back he had put together that awning.  It is really sturdy and will keep water off the more important items. It has a dedicate ledge for long pieces of stuff.  The best part is that he used what was in his arsenal of supplies to create it.   I guess our motto could be:  It ain't gotta be pretty, just functional.  Ha.   He has a few more tricks up his sleeve on finishing up the back outside area and I am quite looking forward to it.
Inside?  The pantility is starting to take shape since he has his garage in order.  (one has to walk through the pantility to get to the garage).  He added a few more shelves and Margaret and I need to get busy and prime those as well as  a few pieces of wood in the bathroom.
Here is Margaret and Molly out for a run at my mom's place.  My sister's house is there in the background.  Notice the brown grass....not much rain around here.
But it DID rain early this morning....hopefully it will perk everything up a bit.   Chris got his awning done just in time.  :)

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