Thursday, May 17, 2012


The daisies that I posted last.....are still looking great.  It is hard to believe.   Same daisies...I only added water.
The kitchen is coming along.  It is functional.
I wasn't sure what color to paint the walls (and leave the shelves white).  But this week in Indiana the weather has been stellar and the sky so very blue and pretty.  I thought to myself....I would love to have the kitchen sky blue.  I thought it would be easy to go fetch some sky blue paint samples.  Well I gathered several sample and held each one up to the sky in the parking lot at Sherwin Williams.  No matches.  Not even the samples from Lowe's were much help.  They did have a few which were "close"....and I have them hanging off of the shelf to see which one I love the best.  I like all three equally.....hmmmm. Decisions. Decisions.  In the meantime Margaret and I have been knitting colorful dish clothes to brighten the place up a bit.  I usually keep the scissors in the drawer.  "Someone" hung them there, I put them in the drawer, "someone" hung them there, I put them in the drawer...repeat again.  So I got the hint that "someone" thinks they should hang there.  So since "someone" worked so hard getting the kitchen put together....I believe I shall leave them there, as you see it.  :)
Until next time.


  1. I like the middle blue best, it's a nice, airy shade. And it goes really well with your sunny cloths!

  2. I have a friend who decorated her kitchen/breakfast room with yellow and blue. She painted the walls a sunny yellow and accessorized with blue and it is stunning! She has quite a few blue patterned dishes and the effect is wonderful.

  3. The daisy arrangement is beautiful.

    Fun decissions! They are all a pretty blue.