Sunday, May 6, 2012

Something besides the HOUSE

 My daughter's sister in Florida is having a baby boy very soon.  While this hat is for a larger infant it may come in handy just in time for a cooler month or two down south.   It is knit from the Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern.   My husband brought this styrofoam head back from New York.  It seems to be an adult small or smaller.  This infant hats blocks out nicely on it.  As for pic of our county courthouse...Ha....I can't get it to go away or type what I want to where I want to.  So just know that I wanted to share a bit of Indiana with you. 

The heart hat from the back.

The heart hat from the side.


  1. This hat looks so much cuter on a little round baby head. :)

  2. Oh you made the heart hat! I LOVE that pattern. I keep wishing I had an excuse to make it. I must try it soon. Yours is really lovely. :)

  3. I should clarify that my daughter knitted this hat. :)

  4. cute hat!!

    I have been having a heck of time of blogger, so I did laugh hard when you mentioned not being able to do what you wanted where you wanted on your blog, so been there done that. *sigh*