Sunday, August 15, 2010

We live in a county that has two large Christian universities. They have both been around for a long long time.
The one closest to us seems to be building something new all of the time. They recently built a new chapel. Yesterday was our first time in it and it is something else! It looks like it should be in a major city instead of our smaller one.
We were there to witness the graduation ceremony for the adult classes., folks who are working but taking classes at night or whenever to further their education.
Anywho, congratulations Brian!!!

I wrote all that to say this........
Bless my husband's heart and the heart of every other man there yesterday.
I realize that not everyone that attends a graduation at a Christian institution will be a Christian.
I suppose not everyone who takes a class at a Christian university is a Christian either.
So, therefore, one would not expect Christian type behavior from everyone, right? Right.
That is easy enough to comprehend.

I guess what I want to say is to all of the ladies out there who feel as though they need to wear the tallest heels and the shortest dresses or skirts or shorts to the point that you fear you may see something you REALLY don't want to see if they move just a bit too much the wrong way.....

"I am as happy as YOU are that we live in a country where we have the freedom to dress as we wish. Truly I am, because I like to wear jeans and t-shirts and bare feet. But I must stress to you that men are VISUAL beings. Please take care how you dress, because you may inadvertently cause a fella to sin. Perhaps, too, have a little forethought about places you will attend-is my attire proper for this outing, etc? Perhaps the slinky dress you wear to a college graduation would be more aptly worn to a night club."

Yesterday as we walked through the campus of this lovely college, my family fell victim to the onslaughts of skimpily clan ladies. So much so that my husband led us off the beaten path to avoid possibly seeing something he didn't want to see.
Thanks Honey.


  1. I'm sorry that he HAD to do that, but he's a good man for doing it!

  2. You are so right! Could I just add one more inappropriate place to wear your skimpy clothes? How about church on Sunday mornings? I sat 2 pews behind a lady (yesterday) who forgot to wear the part of her dress that covered her cleavage. It was distracting me, so I can just imagine what all the men were dealing with.