Saturday, August 21, 2010

Her Own Musical

Earlier this spring my daughter knitted a cute little pair of infant's socks.
The pattern was in a vintage sock book(a modern book) and was dated around 1900 I think.
She thought they were cute and decided to knit them for 4-H as well as her hope chest.
More than one attempt was made for the final result, but quite worth it.
In 4-H, in Indiana at least, the project must win at the county level to be entered in the State Fair.
We were glad they made it, but also knew that getting a blue ribbon at the state level wasn't easy.
When we saw that she got a blue ribbon and special merit, we were quite pleased.
I never did find the grand champion knitted item, but in our hearts these were just as good.
Pop on over to her blog and see some pics.

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