Monday, August 2, 2010

Comb Honey

Over this past winter, our bees and Mom's bees died. We didn't purchase new swarms this year.
BUT, we left the bee boxes as they were, just to see what would happen.
Some bee activity was noticed around Mom's hive and we went out to check last Friday evening and they had filled up the brood box and started on the super. There were no foundation/frames in the super, so Chris and Maggie promptly took care of that.
They removed some combs to get the foundations in......oooo, they were full of honey. Quite delicious.
Yesterday we took our bee box out and set it by Mom's to see if any bees wanted to move in.
Mom called today and said there was some activity in our box today.
Hopefully they can get things fixed up in their little home to make it through the winter.
This winter we plan on taking preventative measures to help them out.

Until Next Time.

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