Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Give It A Try

My Knitting Story.

There was some knittin' goin' on when I was a child. It didn't stick with me.
A few years ago, a lovely lovely lady named Natalie, graciously showed a group of us gals how to knit. It didn't stick with me.
I have tried crochet (my sisters and mother- ALL LEFT HANDED- excel at this craft). It didn't stick with me.
A year ago in July I spent a one-time fee of $10.00 at our local library to learn how to knit.
I figured if I SPENT MONEY ON IT....it might stick.
Well, it must have just been the time to do it. It stuck.
I still can't get away from left handed people (I love ALL of you-really!-there are several of them in our knitting group as well).

Anyway, a year ago I tried something that I had tried and tried before, to no avail. I fell in love with it and have read and knit ever since.
I keep trying new things to understand stitches and techniques better.
I don't claim to be a great knitter, but I love it.

So, may I encourage you to try it ONE more TIME....see if it sticks on you.
Try all sorts of things.
Try the toe up two at a time sock....it is quite fun~!!!!


  1. I love my mom, but she is not a "crafty" person. The only craft she enjoyed and excelled at was painting plastercraft and ceramic figures. So anything I've ever wanted to learn, I've done on my own. Over the years I've taken classes in sewing, cake decorating, and scrapbooking. I had learned crochet through my aunt (my mom's sister)when I was about 10. She only taught me one stitch, so I stuck to making scarves. But one can only make so many scarves---you know what I mean? :-)
    Last year, I bought the Basic Crochet video done by Kathy Brodock through BlueBehemoth.com. I loved it and was able to learn several more stitches but without regular practice I forget everything! :-)
    I have tried to learn knitting from a book and that didn't work at all--I need to see it in process.I also was thinking about taking knitting classes but so far I haven't followed through. Maybe I will~
    Thanks for sharing your story!

  2. :) I wonder if you should have tried left-handed :) Kidding aside, I have met several people who may have been guided to use the less natural hand when learning various skills. It takes one's brain a little time to 'remap', but if one is more naturally a different 'hand' then the skill tends to 'flow.' Glad your perseverance paid off though :)