Monday, June 14, 2010

Sink Reflections

My friend Debbie enlightened some of her friends about the FlyLady. Our friend Joyce and I hopped on board too. So far, my sink is happy, which makes ME very happy.


  1. Your sink looks AWESOME! What a great sight! What a difference a clean sink can make in our lives. Amazing!

  2. I just happened upon your blog and as I scrolled down the page I couldn't help but notice this post. I was introduced to the FlyLady a couple of weeks ago and cleaned my sink just today! Yours looks beautiful, by the way. God Bless as you learn to "FLY"!

  3. Isn't amazing how when you shine your sink you want to keep it that way? What is in the jars? Honey...very pretty window. Looks inviting. I haven't been following too much except swishing my bathroom in the mornings and keeping my sink shiny. I have read about the zones...can't wait to try all more week and I'm free.

    Have a great Sunday!