Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fair Entries-Adult Division

We have been busy this week getting things entered in our local 4H fair(for Maggie) and the adult division(for me). I have finally figured out to call it the adult division and not the adult section. Adult section just doesn't sound so good, ya know?
Anyway, go here and here to see what I entered.
I will keep you posted on how they 'fared'.

Until next time.... :)


  1. Let us know how you do! Too bad you can't enter a good-looking shiny sink:)

    Have a blessed Sunday!


  2. Yay! Good luck to you, I am sure both will do well.

  3. Your pie sounds delicious- the heart shaped cutouts are a lovely touch! And your shawl is amazing! Best of luck to you and Maggie!