Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Knitting A Moebius Shawl Thingy Update-Final

Here is where I began the moebius.

This is where I messed up. (ha) It was quite the predicament. This took place during the first weaving attempt. Something went awry so I took out a row on each side and put them back on the needles and tried again, but only after I had slept a couple more nights. No need to rush in to it.

So, my second attempt was more successful, although not perfect. This picture does have a view of the woven area...on the left side there. If you can't see it....yippee!

So here it is on the me. I swallowed my pride and decided to be the model. It goes better with my grey hair than Maggie's NOT grey hair. :)
Not to mention that it seems that I am growing jowls. Oh, joy!

When I look at a camera something terrible happens. So I decided for this photo shoot to not look directly at the lense....sorta like not looking directly at an eclipse and you won't get hurt......
So, can wear it like this under your jacket/coat on a brisk wintry day.

Or give it a twist and bring it up on your head like such.

Or, go ahead and bring it on back over your head and now you have a cowl-type cozy warm thing around your neck.

Come winter-time it will come in quite handy.

Until Next Time!


  1. beautiful moebius! I am so impressed!! And I give you tons of credit for modeling it. In all my posts, I think there is only a couple where there is a picture of me. I usually avoid cameras at all costs. But sometimes, you just have to do it.

  2. I love the versatility of the scarf- and am jealous of your knitting talent. Some day I will learn...

    I know grey hair bothers many women, but I happen to think it's lovely!

  3. I can't wait to make one for myself! You did a lovely job. :) I look forward to seeing you all warm and cozy in it this fall!
    -The Niece Breezy

  4. I love it! I need one of those when I move to Alaska this year!

  5. It is wonderful! So versatile! And you are beautiful! Especially with your grey hair! You have so much natural beauty, I have always thought that before grey and also now with grey hair!

  6. Very pretty! You did an awesome job, and it looks really good on you!