Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I shouldn't be surprised when God answers prayer and blesses me.  Like he did the other morning.  But I WAS surprised and blessed all at once...all of a sudden!!!!
It is the little blessings that are the biggest it seems.  I guess because when we pray for small, insignificant things we think it is too small for Him, too menial for him to turn his eye towards.  But boy are we wrong when we think like that.  I mentioned on Facebook the other day how blessed I was to see a flock of Sandhill Cranes flying high over head as I stepped outside to get some fresh air after I helped Chris lug a couch up from the basement of a clients house.  Inside I was singing the blues because...lugging that couch up surely wasn't part of the deal.  But God had plans for me...to see those wonderful birds that we only see a couple times a year here in Indiana.   
O.K.  so fast forward a couple days.
It was an overcast balmy 50° and I was waiting on the side porch for Chris to swing by and pick me up so I could go with him on a job.   I was observing two flocks of birds flying around.  They met up and then flew off together.
As they were flying off, a bird in a tree a block away, was squawking and making a racket.  He was big and dark, bigger than a crow, and I didn't recognize him or his sound.   So here is where the blessing came in.  I said, "Oh, Lord, I wish you would have him fly over here so I can see what kind of bird he is."....BAM!!! off of the limb he swooped...he swooped low down towards the street flapping his big wings and he was making a bee-line straight for me on the porch!  He was on a mission.  I was dumbfounded, really.  So shocked and surprised and afraid at the same time because if he stayed on his current flight plan....I was gonna get it!
He was probably ten or so feet off the ground speeding along and at the very last possible moment, as he neared my FACE, he swooped straight up over the porch.
I could hardly BREATHE.  It was amazing.  Breathless I went inside to get the bird identity book and narrowed him down to a bird of prey, possibly a falcon of some sort..  I had never seen one like this before.....
Anyway,   I was giddy the rest of the day.