Tuesday, December 25, 2012

 We drove in on the Skyway.
 Apparently it costs $3.50 regardless how far you drive on it.
 Lake Michigan on a cold day.
 Soldier Field where the Chicago Bears play.
Building out on Navy Pier.
 The pillars at Union Station.  Nothing less than impressive.
 Walk into the station, go down a flight of stairs into the great hall, then on down more stairs to the East to the Metra station and the Amtrak Station.
 Our daughter grabbed her bags and hopped on the California Zephyr.
 The train was backed in and she texted and said she was on this last car.

 We walked in under those pillars and came out on the other side of
Canal St.

 We came out from underneath the building on the left.
 Station is under here.
 This was an elevated train that we saw on the way back to Lake Shore Drive.
 Part of the city in the distance.
Driving east on Jackson.


  1. Looks like fun! Great pictures!

    We drove the Sky Way once and it was terrible. We hit several tolls and they are all very pricey! We only had so much cash on hand and almost ran out. So thankful when we were able to get off that road, never to return.


  2. We had an issue with tolls near Chicago once too--glad you didn't experience that. Did you get a spinning wheel for Christmas?