Saturday, December 29, 2012

Attempt #3 to Spin Wool

My day started out like this.  My sweet husband cleaned it off for me and I headed down the road.
About an hour or so later I reached my destination there in that stand of trees.
Down the drive.
Back around to the shop (not in pic)
The Superbly Cute Spinning Wheel from Schacht Spindle Company
That is where I met my new best friend. Her name is LadyBug Schacht.  I love her.  This is the third wheel I have tried and I think she is the ONE.  She doesn't look fancy but she is solid.  We got a long just fine.
We spun up a little Cormo.
I can't remember the name of the gadget below other than it was a type of winder.  Pretty handy to wind the spun wool onto til time to ply.
Here it is winding up some spun wool.
The wool going from the wheel ( I can't exactly remember what that piece is called-a bobbin?) to the winder.
When I went to my first fiber festival and even my second one, I wondered what would one do with these braided things.  Now I know.  You spin them into wool.
Plying from the bobbins.
These are camelids of some sort....llamas?  Seem too big for alpacas.  What do you think?
The roads were not as friendly on the way home.
All-wheel drive is a good thing.
This is my little hank of yarn that I spun up today.  For my third attempt, it isn't too bad.
I love it.


  1. Congratulations on the spinning, did the ladybug come home with you?

  2. Just precious! Loved your words! I can tell you are going to love spinning thru the land of fibers.

  3. Looking pretty good. Isn't it fun? I might have tried that type of wheel once--can't remember. I need to get some Icelandic off on a ball winder soon. I've not spun for a couple of months. Keep up the good work! Isn't Cormo great?!!!

  4. Oh, that looks very exciting!!! I'm glad that you have found the "one".

  5. I think I lost my comment here... hope this doesn't post twice.

    I love the lady bug - so so cute!! I haven't actually tried one out of fear I would want one (trying to stay loyal to the wheel I have). But I know many who have and love their lady bug.

    I can't tell if those are llamas or alpacas. I'd have to have a better look at the ears (llamas have longer and pointier ears). Some alpacas are kind of big so size along isn't the best way to judge.