Monday, May 23, 2011

Tidbits *revisited*

Remember back in December we sent a care package to a 'soldier' I am not sure that is what he is really called, but he is in the service and flies helicopters.
So, he got the package.
Fast forward to a week and a half ago.
He had gotten back to his base in the states and was home visiting his family. (they just live down in the next little town-but neither I or my dau. had met him-my husband new him when he was younger,BUT we do know his mother)
Bless his heart. He and his mother stopped by to thank our daughter for the package. How sweet. It happened on the day when our dau. had gone to work with Chris and neither were here.
But I took their picture.

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  1. I appreciate our men and women in uniform, willing to fight to keep our freedoms--hooray for them!