Thursday, December 2, 2010


We sent out a 'care' package to a soldier yesterday. We know his mother from church.

We are studying this area. the soldier is not here.

Margaret finished up her round blanket. She crocheted it. It is Vanna yarn. Very lovely colors.

The little snow fall that we received yesterday is now melting.
Jenna is doing fairly well with no eye sight. She is learning a little about "step up". When I lead her to a step, I stop her and tell her "step up" and she raises her foot extra high for it. So I think she is getting it. She has tripped over the step a few times and smashed her poor face on the concrete slab that the step leads to. So I decided she needed to learn what step up means.


  1. Its a shame about your dog but I'm sure it will be happy with all the love you give it. Thats a nice thing for you to do sending the parcel for the soldier.

  2. I love the care package and that you included the AIG magazine with it. I just renewed our subscription. What a great idea!

  3. How lovely of you to send a care package. I bet they'll really appreciate a taste of home.
    The blanket is lovely, btw.

  4. Pretty blanket! It sounds like you are having a lovely season. :)